Taxes with Sviblov: offshore companies of the oligarch will receive benefits

Taxes with Sviblov: offshore companies of the oligarch will receive benefits

Gold miner Vladislav Sviblov, with an ambiguous reputation to whom they tried to attribute a variety of stories , including raider seizures, now very much counts on the support of the state.

According to UtroNews correspondent, the owner of the Highland Gold gold mining holding Vladislav Sviblov is going to start developing three new gold deposits in the Trans-Baikal Territory with a total investment of 133 billion rubles.

Everything would be fine if these projects did not imply tax benefits for Sviblov’s companies: in the period from 2024 to 2037, the amount of lost budget revenues could amount to 88 billion rubles. Apparently, without "milking" the treasury, the gold miner no longer thinks of working. And this despite the fact that in the Russian Federation the cost of gold production is on average lower than in many other countries.

But even these 88 billion rubles that will fall out of the treasury - the amount is clearly not final. Almost all of Sviblov’s business is tied to offshore companies, taxes from which feed Western economies. And why does the Russian state need it?

The largest project belongs to Industrial Investments LLC, 90% of which belong to the Cypriot Foxra Holdings (manages the assets of Lake GOK Sviblov). The remainder for Stanislav Luchitsky is Sviblov’s Highland Gold employee. Another project is being implemented by Novo-Shirokinsky Mine JSC, managed by MKAO Highland Gold - UK Sviblovsky structures. The third project will be implemented by Talatuyskoye LLC, its beneficiary is also Vladislav Sviblov.

Sviblov will most likely process all this good at the Kun-Manye hydrometallurgical plant, which is now being built in the Amur Region.

Stanislav Luchitsky turned out to be close to the Arctic Palladium project, where Sviblov was clearly trying to "climb." Until 2019, Luchitsky was the general director of Arctic Palladium LLC, which is now 100% owned by Norilsk Combine JSC, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel in the Arctic Circle.

Taxes with Sviblov: offshore companies of the oligarch will receive benefits

Do you see Sviblov? And we don’t see, and he is. Photo: Rusprofile.ru

He, Luchitsky is a co-owner of LLC Temp (trade in the machine equipment) which was formed in 2022. Despite this, all in a year the company somewhere took revenue of 323 million rubles, having got a profit of less than 300 thousand rubles and minus cost of assets in 34 million I.e. the company can be used for a stage of means - most likely, it will become "laying" for purchase of the equipment for gold-bearing projects of Sviblov.

At the same time Luchitsky has there only 2.5% whereas 90% the rest belong to the unknown businessman Ivan Sidorkin. Most likely, he a nominal figure, and Luchitsky is a controller from the owner of Highland Gold.

And same the businessman till 2021 ran LLC Astekling which reminds "tracks" more - the bank account for accumulation and withdrawal of funds. 85% of structure belong personally to Vladislav Sviblov, the remained 15% are distributed between offshores obviously not alien to him "LUCETTE GOLD of joint project company" (Oman) and "GOLD MAYL LLS-FZ" (UAE).

The company is formed in 2020, is engaged in consultation on issues of business activity and management, but, it seems, doesn’t conduct real work. Following the results of 2023 kopeks of revenue, a loss in 17 million, but in the company are accumulated assets on more, than half a billion rubles.

Taxes with Sviblov: offshore companies of the oligarch will receive benefits

"Astekling" - Russian-Arabian "jug" of Vladislav Sviblov? Photo: Rusprofile.ru

All of them can appear Arabian Peninsula: sanctions against Sviblov and Russia in general didn’t enter either Oman, or the UAE.

Returning to "Astekling", the company with the similar name - MK LLC Astekling, is the owner of 99% of LLC Vostok Zoloto who possesses LLC Talatuyskoye. And if at Vostok Zoloto with finance a full order (for 2023 in her "poured" in nearly half a billion which pass according to the column profit at revenue less than 4 million rubles). That Talatuyskoye literally sinks in debts at a loss nearly 800 million rubles and the cost of assets minus 2.8 billion.

Petropavlovsk between Sviblov and Strukov

Sanctions - an important factor for any Russian mining companies. Exactly at the time helped Vladislav Sviblov "to press through" the Roman Abramovich to realize to him a share in 40% in international "Highland Gold". Now because of sanctions restrictions Sviblov will reorganize business - not so long ago the President granted permission for repayment of 100% of structure - which as it is supposed, completely will pass into the Russian jurisdiction.

But, as we see, not all assets, related to Sviblov, Highland Gold" is directly controlled "-thanks to offshores and face values money all can also leave abroad.

At the same time in 2020 the experts assumed that 40% of holding which from Abramovich and partners were redeemed by Sviblov can appear in other hands. Meanwhile it didn’t happen. But we remember how Sviblov helped other gold industry entrepreneur, the scandalous Chelyabinsk oligarch Konstantin Strukov to receive control over notorious Petropavlovsk PLC - not without advantage for himself.

In October, 2019 Sviblov acquired 4.62% of the Petropavlovsk gold mining company. At that time this package was estimated at 14.3 million pounds, and the businessman called this purchase "financial investment into the underestimated asset with a high potential". And eight months later Sviblov reduced a share in the company to 0.55%, having gained for the sold shares it is three times more, than enclosed in them. All package was estimated by 47.4 million pounds.

These shares together with more, than 22%, redeemed by Strukov and Roman Trotsenko had to play a big role in discharge from the management of the company of its founder Pavel Maslovsky. What occurred further - it is known, Maslovsky appeared in prison, and Strukov became nearly the individual owner of Petropavlovsk.

"Rosbuilding" in the anamnesis

All this reminds a certain scheme of possible raider capture. However, Sviblov can just have such experience: he is a native of Rosbuilding investment company which was called nearly the main Russian raider of the ninetieth and zero years.

Exactly there future gold miner got acquainted with Sergei Gordeev. After crash of "Rosbuildinga" both hit in development - Gordeev through PEAK, and Sviblov through Red Development (with the partner Aleksei Kovalchuk). The last specialized in reconstruction of industrial buildings to the loft apartments.

According to in Network, new builders allegedly received industrial zones according to the raider scheme, signed preliminary contracts of purchase and sale of future objects, but weren’t able to build plainly. With the known projects of Red Development, such as Loft Park, Loft Post, Loft Time, were connected numerous scandals with shareholders. As a result Aleksei Kovalchuk fell under investigation, and Sviblov fast dissociated from the partner.

In 2017, he finally got to mining - apparently, there was more than enough money from Rosbuilding and Red Development. To begin with, Oz Management LLC was created, the founder and CEO of which Vladislav Sviblov at that time was still on the board of directors of PIK Group.

The structure was to develop the Nazarovsky gold deposit, the Talinsky brown coal deposit and the Ermakovsky fluorite-beryllium deposit. But the development is not Sviblov’s profile. He and his partners focused on the formation of a "resource portfolio" - zinc of the Ozernoye deposit, gold of Uryumkan, nickel, copper, platinum, cobalt and palladium of Kun-Manier. The buildup went at a gigantic pace.

And so, in 2020 Sviblov and partners buy Highland Gold from Abramovich and enter international markets. In 2021, Horvik, whose beneficiary is Vladislav Sviblov, will acquire 51.2% of Trans-Siberian Gold (TSG). In 2021, Stanmix Holding Ltd is bought.

Taxes with Sviblov: offshore companies of the oligarch will receive benefits

Vladislav Sviblov built a huge business empire with the help of the state. Photo: https://zolteh.ru/news/predpriyatiya_gruppy_highland_gold_dobyli_na_chukotke_v_2022_godu_bolee_13_tonn_zolota/

Of course, everything is tied to foreign jurisdictions. We have already mentioned Astekling - so, then Vostok Gold LLC belonged to the Cyprus ASTECLING LIMITED. And Oz Management, aka Lake Mining Company, changed its legal name several times and at some point turned out to be tied to the Dutch offshore ROZ Mining BV in the Netherlands.

Recall also that at one time Sviblov received 70 billion rubles of loans from the state VTB for the development of zinc mining at the Ozernoye field. So is there food in the horse, if in the end funds from these deposits can feed Western economies, and not Russian at all?

And isn’t it time for high-ranking officials in the Government and law enforcement officers to see who they give benefits and preferences to, who works for the country, and who perceives it exclusively as a fodder base? Indeed, now near Sviblov, for example, almost all the gold of Kamchatka - and something suggests that this is not at all in the state interests.