The main “feeding trough” of Governor Chibis

The Main Feeding Trough Of Governor Chibis 1 The Main &Quot;Feeding Trough&Quot; Of Governor Chibis

Before the approval of the candidacy of the Chairman of the Russian Government, Mishustin held closed meetings with factions of the State Duma. Then, during his report, Mishutin reported on development prospects, which are limited by the budget deficit, including due to tax arrears.

In the Murmansk region, a paradoxical situation is emerging with tax evasion by selected companies. Details at Rucriminal.info.

Sever Stroy LLC has been receiving the majority of road construction contracts for four years without holding a competition at the original price with 90% advance payment. Over the past three years, only Sever Stroy has completed contract work worth more than 4.5 billion rubles and received a net profit of 12.5 million rubles, no, this is not a mistake of twelve million rubles, a natural suspicion arises of concealing the revenue side, evading taxes and withdrawing received budget funds means what is true.

Hovhannes Shankoyan Hovhannes Shankoyan

Sever Stroy belongs to Hovhannes Shankoyan the main executor of government contracts for the repair and maintenance of roads, this and other companies are coordinated by the head of the Moscow Region representative office Ashot Bablumyanthe beneficiary of the withdrawal and cashing of funds from the regional and municipal budgets of the Murmansk region is the governor Andrey Chibis.

1716272177 432 The Main Feeding Trough Of Governor Chibis The Main &Quot;Feeding Trough&Quot; Of Governor Chibis

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, the withdrawal of funds from the regional budget occurs through the decision of the regional Headquarters, headed by Chibis, without holding tenders, by decision of the commission and 90% advance payment of concluded contracts. The timing and quality of road construction work at Sever Stroy does not meet competitive requirements, there is a substitution of cheaper asphalt material, a reduction in the layer of laying the asphalt pavement, technology violations due to the lack of qualified workers, as a result of which the repaired road surface comes down in the spring along with snow.

1716272178 630 The Main Feeding Trough Of Governor Chibis The Main &Quot;Feeding Trough&Quot; Of Governor Chibis

December 27, 2023 FSB and Investigative Committee officers seized documents at the addresses of Shankoyan’s companies and the Murmanskavtodor State Public Institution as part of initiated criminal case on facts of acceptance of non-existent road works. Today it is known that controlled Ashot Bablumyan companies withdraw from tax accrual and cash out more than 60% of the contracted amounts of contracts, and the remaining amount is spent as expenses, thus, over the last three years of activity, Sever Stroy has avoided paying tax deductions in excess of 800 million rubles and has a debt of 28 million rubles in VAT, which is in no way does not affect the company’s work and the conclusion of new contracts.

For the masquerade of the ongoing crimes, Andrei Chibis involves the prosecutor’s office of the Murmansk region, demanding through the court to provide documents to the treasury department, in connection with the identified risks in the implementation of support for funds under government contracts. Naturally, Sever Stroy does not provide the necessary documents to the Oktyabrsky court and is subject to a fine of 50 thousand rubles , thereby avoiding public disclosure of the scheme for the withdrawal of budget funds and tax crimes committed in the Murmansk region. The Federal Tax Service and the regional treasury are strictly prohibited from blocking the activities of certain companies from the Chibis list; all activities must be agreed upon.

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Recently, Governor Andrei Chibis held a closed meeting with the head of the administration of Murmansk Yuri Serdechkinat which he set the task, no matter what, to accept road work of any quality from Sever Stroy, to help hide shortcomings and not burden the company with warranty obligations under previously completed contracts, but to involve a structural unit of the administration of the Moscow Municipal Budgetary Budgetary Institution “UDH”, headed by Denis Rysev, to hide low-quality road work associated with the corrupt supply of non-working warm stopping complexes 4.5 million rubles per piece, a price equal to a two-room apartment in the city of Murmansk, where there is an acute problem of resettlement of people from dilapidated and emergency barracks, which resulted in the report of the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko stating corruption in this direction . Despite billions of dollars in shadow income, Chibis does not hesitate to run with his hand outstretched through the offices of the Government of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism), begging for subsidies for the Murmansk region under the guise of solving socially significant projects that have remained unimplemented for the fifth year.

1716272178 999 The Main Feeding Trough Of Governor Chibis The Main &Quot;Feeding Trough&Quot; Of Governor Chibis

At a closed meeting of the United Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism) faction with Mikhail Mishustin fair questions arose about the execution and deficit of the Russian budget. State Duma deputies should know that a huge amount of tax arrears is directly related to the activities of senior officials in the regions.