The death of a journalist as a starting point

1680546727 Vladlen Tatarskiy The Death Of A Journalist As A Starting Point

The monstrous death of the famous military commander Vladlen Tatarsky, the injury of three dozen people – all this is a loud political challenge to the security forces in the country and in St. Petersburg in particular. The consequences and versions of the tragic event were examined by the editors of the online publication “Kompromat Group“

Explosion with organizational conclusions

Operation to capture a St. Petersburg woman Daria Trepova, went quickly, without a hitch. The terrorist was detained less than 12 hours after the crime was committed. A follower of Navalny* (included in the Rosfinmonitoring register of terrorists and extremists) was detained in the North of St. Petersburg, in one of the most densely populated new buildings in the city – Parnassus. Here, as well-known telegram channels wrote, she was hiding in the apartment of her husband’s friend.

In this regard, what is interesting is not even the figure of the young terrorist, who, as everyone already understands, was only an accomplice in the execution of the crime, but the fate of the leaders of the security forces, some political figures, and the processes that will now follow after the capture of all those involved in this terrible crime.

The country’s leadership has already qualified murder military service, like a terrorist attack. Law enforcement officers do not hide the fact that murder was carefully prepared, escape routes (two rented apartments), a car with false license plates, Trepova’s disguise, haircut (change of appearance), two possible departures – presumably Georgia and Uzbekistan. The fact that the terrorist’s assistants will be caught in the near future is no longer a question. Now law enforcement officers will have another serious headache – organizational conclusions that will be made against the heads of St. Petersburg law enforcement agencies who allowed such a situation to arise.

The fact that such conclusions will be drawn in the foreseeable future is evidenced by one simple fact. On the approach to the press at the scene of the incident, only the smart and strict prosecutor of St. Petersburg answered the journalists’ questions Victor Melnik. Not a general Roman Plugina, nor the newly appointed representative of the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg was not at the scene of the incident. Meanwhile, even a hedgehog knows that the arrival of the leadership of law enforcement agencies to such crimes is their functional responsibility.

Six years ago, one of the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy in the St. Petersburg metro was General Sergey Umnov. In addition, the regional service FSB gave comments to Kommersant correspondents. Today there are no comments from the main security service, whose jurisdiction includes such crimes, nor a mandatory visit from the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Historical line

According to rumors, the first line for retirement may be the head of the FSB Directorate for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Colonel General, an honorary Cossack Alexander Rodionov. By the way, the general was predicted to retire a year ago for health reasons. He has been in his post for eight years now. In June 2023, it will be 8 years since he assumed a high position. In addition, there have been reports that after yesterday’s explosion, the head of the department for the protection of the constitutional order and the fight against terrorism of the FSB Directorate for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism) may lose his position. Ivan German.

The second general who may not be kindly offended by this story is Major General Roman Plugin, whose absence at the scene of the explosion was immediately noticed by the public and the political elite of the Northern capital. In addition, on the department’s website there is no official statement from the head regarding the incident, except for two short news stories about the arrest Daria Trepova employees of the criminal investigation department together with operatives of the FSB Directorate, and that a group of employees of the Main Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism) was sent to the city of St. Petersburg to provide practical assistance to St. Petersburg colleagues.

There were also no statements from the leadership of the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg, except for the news on the website that “in fact murders in a generally dangerous manner, a criminal case was initiated on the grounds of a crime provided for in paragraph “e” of Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism).”

Today it became known that the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism) took over the criminal case. However, this is precisely the necessary investigative jurisdiction, because investigation about the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro, the Central Office also took upon itself. IC in St. Petersburg will be here, as usual, on hand. New acting Head of the St. Petersburg Investigative Committee Oleg Bobkov in this situation it is easier than all the other security officials, because it is not his team that will be responsible for the investigation.

Another serious marker was noted by the public, and several media (rumored to belong to Evgeniy Prigozhin) didn’t even fail to write about it. The fact is that… the governor of St. Petersburg was not at the scene of the incident Alexandra Beglova.

But it is known that this is his holy and direct duty. When the explosion happened in the metro, on April 3, 2017, I was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy. Georgy Poltavchenko. Here’s what’s about it wrote that day “Moskovsky Komsomolets”:

Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko arrived at the scene of a terrorist attack in the city subway. He went down at the Technological Institute station. Earlier, Vice Governor Igor Albin arrived at the metro.

In the tragic atmosphere of the present day, rumors began to spread throughout the Northern capital. They say that Beglov could not appear at the scene of the incident because he is on vacation… and perhaps not even in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. In addition, there is a possibility that the governor will not return to his office after this vacation.

Versions and nuances

The main version voiced today by the National Anti-Terrorism Committee is that this explosion is an action of Ukrainian intelligence services. But there are several more unofficial ones walking around the information field. Let’s look at them.

A native of Makeevka, military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky was a very inconvenient figure for Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism)’s opponents. His podcasts and reports were bold and emotional. He, without being embarrassed by verbs, cut down the truth. His media blog had even more subscribers than the project Daria Dugina. In other words, he was an extremely annoying figure for the opposition and those opposed to the NWO. His death is the revenge of his enemies for his political truth.

The second version – this action was directed against Evgenia Prigozhina. It is known that the billionaire welcomed many military officers, and the meeting with Tatarsky took place at his site – the Patriot cafe. In addition, one of his structures is located several houses away from the scene. Some media outlets wrote that perhaps Prigozhin himself was expected at the meeting, but this version has no official confirmation.

The third version is not without curiosity. Last night Sergei Lavrov (*international criminal) Blinken called, concerned about the fate of an American journalist. Evan Gershkovich, accused of espionage. The NATO Secretary General also spoke out about his arrest Jens Stoltenberg, demanding his immediate release. It is possible that the story of the crime against the popular Russian military commander also has an American trace. From the series journalist for journalist. After all, Vladlen was a significant figure in the Russian military information space, where he promoted the goals of the special operation. The idea that the American side could well have sponsored such an action, but that it was carried out by other hands, according to our sources, is not without meaning.

As a result, a tragic event can build a new clear line. The authorities will begin to tighten the screws inside the security forces if they turn out to be unviable in the face of difficulties and challenges. This, in turn, can lead to personnel surprises and confrontations within the law enforcement agencies themselves.

We will soon find out what the consequences will be for the law enforcement agencies of the Northern capital. The editors will monitor developments.

* Included in the Rosfinmonitoring register of terrorists and extremists